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Kaspersky / Norton

Kerspersky & Norten

Kaspersky AntiVirus 

One of the foremost anti-virus protection software tools, the Kaspersky antivirus kit allows you to protect yourself from viruses that spread through the Internet. 

WOS can help you with installing this software properly, checking if it is working alright and fixing it if it isn't.
Our team is engaged in the battle against viruses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we can bring in our expertise any time you call or contact us. 

We can help you with:
- Installation, configuration and settings
- Analysing your current security requirements
- Personalising the Kaspersky Antivirus package for you
- Identifying any problems you are having with it
- Fixing problems and issues
- Upgrades and updates
- Subscription help
- Doing a security audit, if necessary

Norton Antivirus

Norton Anti-virus is one of the most respected virus, spyware and malware protection software packages in the market and we can support you with:

- Installing it
- Configuring it properly
- Any problems you are experiencing with the Norton Antivirus suite
- Making sure that the security settings are ok
- Updating it with new patches that are available
- Upgrading to a new version
- Subscription issues