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Internet Security

Internet Explorer Internet Explorer Are you having problems with your Internet Explorer? Unwanted or irritating pop-ups? Too many error messages? Unexplained crashes? Or are you installing a new version of Internet Explorer and wondering about all the options? WOS is here to help! We can help you with installing different versions of Internet Explorer as well as with any problems you are having. Our technical team is experienced in handling a wide variety of situations that can occur in the world of browsers. Support includes: - Installing and configuring Internet Explorer - Explaining options and personalising the browser for you - Solving problems that are coming up when you use your browser - Updating Internet Explorer with the latest features - Ensuring security settings are complete - Help with patches and plug-ins - and more... We are available 24x7, 365 days a year to take your call or your e-mails or if you would like, we can chat with you.